Big thanks to our newest Sponsors!!

With a generous donation of 800.00 dollars, please welcome and thank our newest sponsors for the Carmichael Disc Golf Course, The Greenhouse Garden Supply. Check out their website or stop by their store. Thank them for their kind donation.

Hydroponics, Greenhouse, and Organic Specialty Garden Supply7619 Fair Oaks Blvd.
Carmichael CA 95608

Disc Golf Course Closure

The Disk Golf Course at Carmichael Park will be closed on Friday July 22 (Holes 1 and 2) for a Movie in the Park. 3pm to 10pm.

Weeklies at Carmichael Park

KiMBODiA will be hosting the Random Doubles this week at Carmichael Park. Please come and enjoy a round of golf and support the club. $7 per person. $5 goes to the prize money and $2 goes to buying baskets. Mutha Putters appericates your attendance. THANKS!!!

New Carmichael Park Disc Golf Map

Carmichael Park Disc Golf Course

New Mutha Putters Monthly’s!

Dear Mutha Putter Members,

The Mutha Putter’s Disc Golf Club is doing a spin off of its monthly’s at Carmichael Park on the first Sunday of each month at 6pm. These events will raise finds for baskets as well as to support disc golf in the community of Carmichael. This is not a club function, so everyone is invited.
It will be a 9 hole random doubles format, with single player’s(Odd man) receiving 1 extra throw per hole. A tiebreaker will be determined. The first place team will each receive a signed disc that will be purchase ahead of time that will be paid for out of the $4 payout described below.  The entry fee will be $7 per player of which $2 per player will go to a basket fund and $1 per player will go to a year end trophy fund. The other $4 will be paid out to the top three teams.
There will be a points system to determine a year end winner.
1st place team will receive 65% of the payout, signed discs and 5pts each.
2nd place                          25%          payout                            3pts each.
3rd place                           10%          payout                            1pt each
All player’s completing 9 hole’s receives an additional    2pts each
Show your support for the course and the community!!
There will also be a weekly doubles there Wednesday’s at 6pm costing $5 per player
Payout to 1st place 65%,  2nd place 25%,  10% plus $1 per player will be contributed to the basket fund.  Possibly also an ace fund. Both these events will start as soon as the course is installed after Wednesday, June 1st.

May 2011 Monthly results (Final)

MAY 2011 RESULTS – Finals
1    297    E. RASMUSSEN            $104 +$10 MITCH C ADDED =$114
2    139    G                                     $40
3    267    S. ROBINSON               $16
4    299    ZACK C.
5    301    HAL HORN
2011 Overall  Top 5 Trophy winners!
1    294    CHAD B.                    26 PTS
2    267    S. ROBINSON           22
3    282    SCOTT T.                   22
4    244    MORGAN W.             19
5    297    E. RASMUSSEN        17